Bespoke Shirts & Blouses


With the finest fabrics from world class European mills as well as tailors and craftsmen from northern Italy

You can create a tailored dress bespoke shirt that is

individually constructed to fit your personal style

Tailored Blouses for the sophisticated woman

 Directed by the client, Treccani’s team in our “bottega” in Italy can produce any kind of customization from the color of the stitching to the cut and style to produce a dress shirt that is unique for you.


 View our Shirts and Blouses collection in person at our boutique in Yorkville, Toronto (Canada). For Worldwide Bespoke Shirts Service contact us via email at 


Tailored shirts measured in the Italian design lasting generations


The first private measurement appointment can take up to 45 minutes and can be done at our flagship boutique in Yorkville, Toronto (Canada) or at client's premises if requested.
The client brings a shirt sample to the first appointment to help us develop the pattern of the new shirt. We’ll use this as a starting point to take body measurements and to develop the final tailored shirt.
First with the client we’ll decide on the overall final style and details. What’s the event or purpose of the tailored shirt? A tuxedo shirt for a summer evening wedding? Or an everyday casual look for the office? Whatever it is, at the end of this first appointment we’ll gather all the information to be sent to our tailor in Italy to produce the client’s ideal shirt.


Tutto è possibile. In terms of customization there’s no client desire that’s off limits. We’ll show you our extensive collection with over a thousand fabrics: clients can choose among Italian, English or Swiss fabric in either cotton (up to 240’s yarn count), Sea Island cotton, linen, silk or 100% Loro Piana cashmere and many more. The client can choose among 15 different collars, 8 styles of cuffs, including from 1 button down collars to convertible cuffs and buttons or threads of any color to a formal or polo styled shirt.
As a personal touch clients can add monograms to the shirt in any font style and can choose the classic front left side placing or anywhere they wish. The client can choose to add his own signature on the shirt instead of the more traditional monograms


After four weeks from the first appointment, the client has their first tailored shirt ready and takes it home. We recommend washing the shirt two times first. At this point we’ll do any adjustments if necessary. Once the shirt is the perfect fit we’ll save the pattern for future orders.


4 pattern styles available: formal, tuxedo, casual or polo
Thousands of fabrics Italian, English or Swiss fabric in either cotton (up to 240’s yarn count), Sea Island, linen, silk or 100% Loro Piana cashmere and many more
More than 15 different collar styles such as tuxedo, 1, 2 or 3 buttons, button down, “French” or “Italian”…
Different cuff styles such as “French cuffs” (“gemelli”), convertible, 1 or 2 buttons…
Buttons the shape, thicknesses and color of your buttons in mother-of-pearl or horn
Monograms or Personal Signature in various styles and in any color
The lead time is 4 weeks: including the shipping from  our “laboratorio” (shop) in Italy
Price starts from $350



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