Robb Report Highlights the Exclusivity of Treccani Milano's Calfskin Golf Bag Posted on 23 Dec 12:38

Robb Report article on golf bag, Treccani Milano calfskin golf bag


It is our pleasure to announce our newest feature online in Robb Report and Robb Gear. Robb Gear as an extension of Robb Report and features "your authoritative guide to top-quality and unique products, from outdoor exploration goods to sports, fitness, travel, and other leisure activities."

It is no surprise we made the grade!
Robb Report itself is a worldwide online and print magazine featuring only the best from across the globe with stations in Vietnam, Turkey, Brazil and many more!

Treccani Milano Calfskin golf bag

HiLuxury Magazine in Hawaii Features Treccani Milano Golf Shoes Posted on 12 Aug 15:00

August/September Issue 2015

Treccani Milano Custom Golf Shoes Featured on Hiluxury Magazine Hawaii



Treccani Milano's signature bespoke golf shoes are right now featured in the HiLuxury Magazine Hawaiin Edition.
Under the headline Technical Support on page 70 our Verona Calfskin Leather Shoes made the cut. They are described as "Fine footwear fashioned in handmade Italian hide to perfect par."

Bespoke Men's Golf Shoes Handmade in Italy


SHARP Magazine calls on Treccani Milano to deliver the shoes for their Ultimate Gift Guide Posted on 8 Jul 14:04

December 2013

SHARP Magazine is known for its dedication to "Look Better, Feel Better, Know More" and so created a Ultimate Gift Guide to honour the greatest for men.
One of those gifts happens to be the Milano Alligator Leather Oxford Shoes.  This magazine article suggests a tuxedo is the best outfit to match such a luxurious shoe.

Treccani Milano is mentioned in the 15th Issue of JETGALA under "Easy Swingers" Posted on 8 Jul 13:54

15th Issue.


JETGALA, a magazine centred around aviation and "Life beyond First Class", took an interest in Treccani Milano. More specifically in the Orange Calfskin Golf Bag.
Under the title 'Easy Swingers' it is easy to see how having such a bag will bring confidence to any swing.

Huffpost Style looks at Treccani Milano as a Stylish Gift for Men Posted on 8 Jul 13:42

November 27, 2012

Huffpost Style Canada did an article on the pre-Christmas gift buying rush for the various men in your life. They gave a nod to Treccani Milano for our Golf Shoes. 
While we have catered to men in the past we are working to build our credentials in the women's department as well. Take a look at both!

Top Tier Showcases Treccani Milano Luxury Custom Golf Leather Bags Posted on 6 Jul 12:01

Our Leather golf bags stand out against the top tier black background.
Fun fact: all of the products are made in Italy by master "artigiano"(artisan) in the company's Milan "bottega" (the studio of a master artist, in which lesser artists, apprentices, or students learn by participating in the work).

Toro keeps it classic with Treccani Milano bespoke shoes Posted on 29 Jun 12:39

December 4, 2012

TORO named Treccani Milano as a must-have for male accessories. Not our wallets, passport holders, or bags but our bespoke shoes.

Canadian Living Looks at Treccani Milano's Riding Boots Posted on 29 Jun 12:32

February 2013 Issue

Canadian Living gave a small shout out to Treccani Milano in their February Issue by shedding a light on what Canadians love the most about winter fashion.
As it turns out our riding boot style is top of the list for 35% of the population. What’s your favourite winter fashion trend?

Startup Founders to Watch in 2014 Posted on 29 Jun 12:27

December 9, 2013

Shauna Mei from AHA Life (the well-edited e-commerce site draws over 3 million visits while shipping to over 200 countries. ) mentions Treccani Milano is the startup to watch for 2014.
And we have accomplished a lot the past year. Just take a look at our ever-expanding collections if you have doubts.

Luxatic Hightlights Treccani Milano Leather Bags Posted on 26 Jun 10:02

Luxatic is an online magazine devoted to luxury news, products and services. In this article they talk bags, bags and more bags, with a wide variety for both genders.
Check out the detail and customization that can go into just one bag.

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