Bespoke Leather Goods

Handmade and customizable from style preference to the type of leather and the color, Treccani Milano BeSpoke leather goods deliver the joy of creating your own masterpiece that is not the result of mass production.

Clients can choose the leather’s type, colour, contour, finishing, stitching and accents. Their preferences are then shared with our artisans in Italy who create the product from scratch in our small bottega familiare (family shop). Our artisans use craftsmanship skills that have been passed down from their grandfathers, working daily – from morning to evening – on each Treccani Milano bespoke item.

Please email us or call us to order a personalized leather design at (416) 648 1300. We look forward to creating a one-of-a-kind leather design for you

 ——————————————CUSTOM LEATHER BAGS ————————————-

Treccani Milano offers leather bags that are often described as one-of-a-kind works of art – with sought-after features that are not easily offered by mainstream retailers. Special care is taken by our artisans to ensure each personalized leather creation is bold, confident and assured.

For a custom creation you can select from any of our styles or create your own with our support. Decide on your favourite type of leather and color. The hardware (gold or silver) and as a final touch you can add an embossed monogram. Your unique custom bag will be ready to be delivered in 10-12 weeks.

To learn more email us or call us to book a consultation to order a personalized leather bag design


——————————————- SMALL LEATHER GOODS ————————————

From business meetings to everyday use, Treccani Milano small leather goods were created thinking on functionality and versatility, while maintaining our promise of quality. The client can choose the colour and texture of the leather; which has been handpicked to assure the highest quality of leading European tanneries.

To learn more email us or call us to book a consultation to order a personalized small leather good design


———————————————— CUSTOM BELTS ——————————————–

Together with the highest quality craftsmen from Italy you can create the belt you want. Choose your favourite leather and color, the style of the buckle, and select your appropriate waist measurements. And only after 5 weeks you will receive a unique custom belt handcrafted in Italy by Treccani Milano’s artisans. See how it’s done!

To learn more email us or call us to book a consultation to order a personalized belt design



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