Treccani Milano collaborates with PGA instructor Fabian Stehle founder of Stehle Golf in Germany. Posted on 8 Jul 11:09

July 6, 2015

Treccani Milano is now featured at Stehle Golf located in Germany.


Stehle Golf was founded by Fabian Stehle, a PGA instructor. 

 In 2000  he start playing golf in the south of Germany + Hcp as an amateur and  won a couple of small national tournaments.

By 2010 he became a  PGA Qualifying apprentice in Berlin. Only two years later Fabian was a Fully Qualified PGA Professional and Member of the PGA of Germany.

He went on to place first in the BB PGA Championship in 2014 and became founder of  "Stehle Golf e.K.“ in 2015.


Treccani Milano's Golf Clubs, shoes and other leather sport bags are now featured on the Stehle Golf website.